We deal in the finest custom 1911s (and selected BHPs) from the most talented pistolsmiths in the nation, including Richard Heinie, Vic Tibbets, and Wayne Novak.  Due to the customer-defined nature of this business, and the extremely-limited availability of these pistols, we have made no attempt to catalog specific models.  Instead, we have chosen to showcase a few examples of each man's work with a series of informal photographs. If you are interested in commissioning a pistol from one of these master pistolsmiths, please give us a call to see how we might be able to help you.

We also carry a wide selection of limited production custom models from the very best shops in the country: Ed Brown, Wilson Combat and Les Baer.  Depending upon the specific model, our standing orders with these shops may give us the ability to ship your new pistol well inside of the usual delivery windows. As always, we encourage you to contact us directly with your needs.


  Full House Custom Pistols

Heinie Specialty Products

Located in Quincy, Illinois, Richard Heinie has long been known for turning out the most refined, innovative, and sought-after custom 1911s available -- at any price. 

Heinie, the American Pistolsmith Guild 2002 Pistolsmith of the Year, is the unquestioned leader of the pack.  His artistry in steel is the stuff of legend, as evidenced by the world-class custom 1911s which bear his name -- and his impressive waiting list.


Tibbets Classic Customs

Located in Berryville, Arkansas, Vic Tibbets is a relatively new name at the top tier of the premium 1911 world, but he is certainly no stranger to the craft, having spent a number of years as one of Wilson Combat's most talented "Super Grade" pistolsmiths. 

One look at a Tibbets classic 1911, and you will understand why we consider him to be one of the brightest rising stars in the business!


Novak's Custom Shop

Located in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Wayne Novak is known for turning out exceptional, no nonsense tactical pistols.  Though his name has become synonymous with LoMount carry sights, Novak's Custom Shop has proven itself a pistolsmithing operation of the first order.

While Novak's men are a capable 1911 smiths in every sense of the word, their talents with the Browning High Power are the stuff of legend.  Novak's BHP packages are considered by many to be the ultimate refinement of the 1911's famous cousin.


  Limited Production Custom Pistols


Ed Brown Custom

Located in Perry, Missouri, Ed Brown Custom is a family-operated company producing some of the finest 1911s -- and related components -- on the market today.  Brown is the choice of those who value technical refinement, flawless functioning, and aesthetic attention to detail.

Brown's 1911 pistols, including the Classic Custom, Class A Limited, and Kobra models are likewise known for their unsurpassed quality, reliability and workmanship.


Wilson Combat

Located in Berryville, Arkansas, Wilson Combat has built a reputation for producing some of the most popular and desirable 1911s available, with an exceptionally strong commitment to their customers.  Wilsons are favored by those who use the 1911 in defensive carry roles, as well as for the action disciplines.

Models such as the Tactical Elite, Stealth, Classic, Protector, and CQB have put Wilson Combat at the front of the pack.


Les Baer Custom

Located in Hillsdale, Illinois, Les Baer is a popular and respected company known for producing extremely accurate and precision-fitted 1911 pistols.  Baer is a favorite among Bullseye shooters, and those who demand the highest levels of accuracy.

Baer's most successful models include the Thunder Ranch Special, the Premier II series, the Monolith, and an extensive line of Concept pistols.







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